What goes in the bucket?

It’s pretty simple really, any part of a plant that will not take too long to break down. But as this is not always immediately obvious I’ll continually add to the lists below:


vegetable/fruit skins, peelings and rinds of pretty much any kind; ends of carrots/celery/capsicums etc.; cores from cabbage, cauliflower, and of course apples; leftovers and cooked food (as long as it is not too oily or fatty); bread, rice; fruit, including citrus; onions and garlic; teabags (unless obviously plastic), tea, coffee; small pieces of paper; nuts (except walnuts), old spices; sugar, cakes, biscuits; lentils and beans; avocado skins! even avocado seeds if cut open; eggs and eggshells; the contents of your vacuum if this is mostly dust and small amounts of human or pet hair;


those little fruit stickers!; meat or animal products including bones and fish; dairy (a little milk or yoghurt as part of cooked food, eg in a sauce is ok); oils and fats

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