Hi, I’m Brook and I run the Hackett Compost Collective. Why a compost ‘collective’? This name signifies the fact that as a community we can collectively do better in terms of managing our kitchen waste. It’s also a reminder that the HCC is a curbside collection service!

How it works:

  • community members are supplied with post-consumer buckets (mostly yoghurt buckets, it turns out), to fill them with kitchen scraps. Any fruit or veggie waste is great. Sorry, I can’t accept meat (or fish, or dairy)


  • Combining all of our kitchen scraps into one composting system means we can keep the compost HOT for super fast and efficient composting. This enables the quick conversion of waste from over 50 households (and counting!) into a valuable soil amendment. Along with any willing volunteers, I turn the compost often, speeding up decomposition while keeping methane generation to a minimum. This contrasts strongly with the alternative of sending our food scraps to landfill which generates a huge amount of methane and other climate deleterious gases.


  • Buckets of kitchen scraps are picked up from your doorstep/curbside (using pedal power), making it easy for anyone to contribute.


  • A monthly donation helps to grow the HCC as I work to make it a true community solution. However, compost generated is donated back to the community for free*. Working together we can close the loop, taking household kitchen waste and turning it into productive gardens.

As it stands, the ACT Government already recognise that the diversion of food waste and scraps away from landfill is important, and they are looking into expanding the new green waste collection service to include kitchen wastes. Yet I think that we can do it better. Some of the problems with city or local council run schemes are that the waste isn’t picked up in a timely enough manner, and that it is hard to keep an eye on contamination, and difficult to educate a whole population on all of the finer details. This is where I think a local, community engaged effort will be more successful. For my thoughts and musings on all of these issues and to find out if I’m right, follow the blog on this website. And most of all, if you have any suitable organic waste, contribute!

home harvest

Email me on hackettcompost2602@gmail, and I’ll drop off a bucket.

*If you already compost at home but would like to generate a little more heat in your heap, get in touch and I can furnish you with some semi-finished compost. This will act as an activator in your heap and you will be helping out the HCC by creating more space for fresh scraps to enter the system.